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This is a place to celebrate the glory of untangling yarns; to engage with string to find purls of wisdom; and add another thing of beauty to the planet.

Always and in All Ways Learning

The rabbit-hole that is knitting, is more like a vast, multi-dimensional web. As a craft, the nuances and details provide much joy, peace and excitement as the project evolves, pulling one deeper into the “What’s next?” And this, of course tucks lessons into life in the real word.

Patience and Self Discovery. That’s the fruit of the un-tangle of the process of knitting. And being ok to fix mistakes! 



Back to School

Tuesdays 8pm


Virtual Knit Night

Twitch: Knit4Brains




Parent Teacher Conferences

Back to School Supply Checklist

  • Needles
  • Pattern
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large cup of herbal tea OR
  • Large cup of hot chocolate
  • Humor
  • Patience
  • Wit

“So, the only thing I have to pay attention to is what’s happening right between the needles?!”

– Daren Eilert

Knitting Student-Explorer

Hello! I’m Amy. Get In Touch Anytime!

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