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About Ms. Amy Knit4Brains

I am a mom who knits a bit and whose head is “not screwed on straight” (according to the dad of my youth). The kids have flown the coop and this bird’s nest that is my brain uses knitting as part of a spiritual practice that brings presence to me and something beautiful to daily life.

Being fortunate to have been taught by Master Knitters and Master teachers early in my knitting journey put me on  a path of knitting independence, which spawned a devotion to personal empowerment. For my students, that means getting them to be independent knitters as quickly as possible: Free from entanglement because they understand the why of what they’re doing in addition to the how.

Always learning in All ways, in knitting currently means pursuing the title of Master Knitter myself. In so doing, I’m learning to love my disorganized and tangled self while in pursuit of attaining competencies that elevate a craft to high art. (That’s the goal anyway).


Teaching Philosophy

It’s not about the teacher teaching. Its about the learner learning.

It’s not about getting it right the first time. It’s about doing it, gaining understanding, learning, exploring, and ultimately improving.


Hello! I’m Amy. Get In Touch Anytime!

(732) 702-2691